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A List of Nouns with Suffixes

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Language learners often have difficulty spelling derivative words. The word list in this material contains a large number of derivative nouns with suffixes and is intended for practicing spelling. The list includes nouns that are frequently used in ordinary speech and writing as well as nouns used in more formal language, for example, in books, articles, and reports. Many nouns in the list have complicated spelling and require regular spelling practice

The nouns in the list are grouped according to the suffix they contain. For easier memorization, the nouns are additionally divided into subgroups of words with similar spelling (and with similar pronunciation, where possible). Most nouns in the list have typical spelling and pronunciation, and it is best of all to memorize their spelling together with their pronunciation. Note that the words in the list are written according to American spelling norms. British variant of spelling is also indicated (if different).

Helpful materials in the section Writing: Adding Suffixes; Difficult Suffixes of Nouns and Adjectives; British and American Spelling.

The first part of the list contains nouns with relatively easy suffixes. Nouns with difficult suffixes are listed in the second part of the list (beginning with ANCE, ENCE).

Nouns with relatively easy suffixes


privacy, legacy, fallacy, accuracy, adequacy, delicacy, complicacy, obstinacy, literacy, intimacy, intricacy;

diplomacy, conspiracy, supremacy, confederacy, illiteracy, immediacy, inadequacy;

lunacy, piracy, pharmacy, papacy, candidacy, magistracy; democracy, autocracy, bureaucracy, aristocracy;

fancy, idiocy, normalcy (normality), prophecy, bankruptcy.

Note S+Y: fantasy, ecstasy, courtesy, heresy, jealousy, leprosy, controversy; hypocrisy, idiosyncrasy.


brigade, grenade, parade, blockade, stockade, cascade, charade, crusade; comrade, decade, barricade, renegade, fusillade;

cannonade, cavalcade, lemonade, masquerade, promenade, serenade; accolade, escapade, marmalade;

ballad, myriad, nomad, salad, triad.

Note: facade, charade.


adage, bandage, garbage, courage, package, savage, damage, image, visage, hostage, sausage, voyage;

language, wreckage, average, leverage, heritage, hermitage, orphanage, personage; advantage, percentage;

leafage, fruitage, frontage, footage, postage, shortage, voltage, nonage, outage, vantage, vintage;

blockage, bondage, breakage, carnage, cleavage, coinage, coverage, drainage, leakage, rampage, shrinkage, steerage, storage, usage;

baggage, cabbage, cottage, luggage, message, passage, stoppage, tonnage, village, hemorrhage;

carriage, foliage, marriage, acreage, mileage, mortgage; miscarriage, undercarriage.

Note: camouflage, collage, espionage, fuselage, garage, massage, mirage, montage, sabotage.

Note: cartridge, partridge; vestige; college, privilege, sacrilege; prestige.


animal, cardinal, criminal, general, marshal, vandal; professional, intellectual; tribunal, credentials, collateral;

medal, metal, pedal, petal, moral, journal, signal, mineral, musical, capital, carnival, chemical, festival, hospital, interval, terminal;

approval, removal, referral, rehearsal, dismissal, disposal, proposal, refusal, appraisal, arrival, revival, survival, denial; trial;

manual, ritual, serial, burial; material, memorial, editorial, centennial, initial, official; court-martial.


human, pelican, charlatan, puritan, captain, chaplain, villain; republican; partisan, artisan, courtesan;

cardigan, talisman, curtain, fountain, mountain; toboggan;

German, African, Anglican; Alaskan, Tibetan, American, Korean, European, Venezuelan;

magician, musician, optician, physician, patrician, technician; cosmetician, dietician, electrician, phonetician;

politician, statistician, mathematician, pediatrician, diagnostician, academician;

guardian; comedian, custodian, historian, librarian, grammarian, barbarian, civilian, amphibian, bohemian, pedestrian, meridian; vegetarian, humanitarian, parliamentarian;

Belgian, Russian; Egyptian, Brazilian, Italian, Canadian, Australian, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Norwegian, Peruvian.


pirate, magnate, advocate, candidate, delegate, graduate, magistrate, surrogate, chocolate, doctorate, estimate, consulate, postulate, syndicate, duplicate, concentrate;

associate, subordinate, coordinate, certificate, electorate, directorate, conglomerate, protectorate.


freedom, kingdom, wisdom, stardom, boredom, earldom, serfdom, selfdom, martyrdom; officialdom.


children, brethren, oxen, maiden, warden, citizen, chicken, kitten, marten, raven, vixen;

garden, burden, kitchen, oven, heaven, token, omen, batten, pollen, regimen, specimen, acumen.


basket, blanket, bullet, pellet, comet, cabinet, hatchet, mallet, nugget, midget, owlet, packet, picket, pocket;

planet, plummet, puppet, rocket, skillet, socket, market, target, tenet, trumpet, valet, wallet, amulet, violet; clarinet, cornet;

palette, etiquette; cassette, cigarette, corvette, diskette, kitchenette, roomette, roulette, statuette, silhouette;

Male: brunet, cadet; Female: brunette, coquette, usherette, marionette;

booklet, bracelet, cutlet, droplet, eyelet, islet, omelet (omelette), outlet, pamphlet, piglet, ringlet, starlet.


childhood, babyhood, boyhood, girlhood, brotherhood, sisterhood, motherhood, womanhood, manhood;

knighthood, priesthood, neighborhood, falsehood, likelihood, livelihood, hardihood; adulthood.


justice, notice, office, practice, service, chalice, malice, cornice, crevice, hospice, solstice, bodice, jaundice; police, caprice;

avarice, edifice, cowardice, licorice (also, liquorice), orifice, precipice, prejudice; accomplice, apprentice.

Note: premise, promise, treatise.


Arctic, classic, ethic, magic, music, rhetoric, public; republic, Antarctic, arithmetic; characteristic;

critic, mystic, skeptic (BrE sceptic), lunatic; fanatic, mechanic, neurotic, agnostic; paramedic, antibiotic.


ethics, physics, politics; acoustics, athletics, gymnastics, hysterics, italics, linguistics, mechanics, phonetics, statistics;

acrobatics, analytics, calisthenics, economics, mathematics, pediatrics.


engine, sardine, famine, doctrine, urine, medicine, heroine, wolverine; canine; aborigine;

discipline, guillotine, limousine, mezzanine, nectarine, quarantine; magazine, tangerine; cuisine, machine, ravine, routine;

glycerine (also, glycerin), vaccine, vaseline, gasoline, caffeine; iodine;

cousin, dolphin, urchin, virgin, mandarin; assassin, tarpaulin;

basin, bulletin, cabin, coffin, margin, origin, insulin, protein, resin; adrenalin (also, adrenaline); hemoglobin.


ceiling, building, dressing, dwelling, feeling, filling, longing, meaning, morning, evening, pudding, shilling, wedding;

greeting, meeting, landing, opening, clearing, painting, saying, singing, swimming, suffering, warning, writing, hardening; surrounding; engineering.


realism, communism, feudalism, nihilism, capitalism, socialism, nationalism, rationalism; idealism, materialism;

fatalism, formalism, journalism, symbolism, vandalism, alcoholism, cannibalism; metabolism, surrealism;

feminism, mechanism, pessimism, optimism, organism, modernism, chauvinism, humanism; opportunism; antagonism, protectionism;

racism, fascism, criticism, classicism, cynicism, mysticism, skepticism, witticism; agnosticism, Catholicism, fanaticism, romanticism;

autism, sadism, baptism, despotism, dogmatism, magnetism, pragmatism, rheumatism, nepotism, favoritism, patriotism; conservatism, occultism;

tourism, aphorism, barbarism, terrorism, vulgarism, voluntarism, plagiarism; careerism;

truism, altruism, atheism, heroism, egoism, egotism; archaism.

Note: enthusiasm, enthusiast.


dentist, typist, stylist, chemist, scientist, tourist, analyst, catalyst, copyist, botanist, novelist, journalist; economist, monopolist;

artist, linguist, lyricist, humorist, essayist, soloist, medalist (BrE medallist); pianist; guitarist, violinist;

pharmacist, physicist, specialist, hypnotist; industrialist, philanthropist, psychiatrist; psychoanalyst;

philologist, pathologist, psychologist, geologist, careerist; archaeologist, cosmetologist, opportunist;

sadist, fascist, communist, dogmatist, humanist, terrorist, socialist, capitalist, nationalist; idealist, materialist;

altruist, atheist, egoist, realist, feminist, nihilist, optimist, pessimist, polemist, chauvinist, rationalist; alarmist.


captive, additive, narrative; detective, adhesive, abrasive, explosive, executive; representative;

defensive, offensive, incentive, collective, directive, perspective, prerogative; contraceptive.


treatment; apartment, department, appointment, adjustment, commitment, enlistment, investment;

government; environment, assignment, alignment, annulment, concealment, fulfillment, installment (BrE fulfilment, instalment); entertainment;

shipment, parchment; equipment, attachment, detachment, development, encampment, embankment;

pavement, movement; improvement, involvement, achievement, agreement, excitement, enlargement, atonement;

garment, torment, measurement; requirement, retirement; assessment, harassment, embarrassment; cement;

basement, casement, puzzlement; embezzlement, amazement, amusement, endorsement, advertisement;

replacement, announcement, commencement, pronouncement, enforcement; reinforcement;

statement, element, tenement, increment, excrement, implement, complement, supplement, settlement;

compliment, condiment, regiment, rudiment, sentiment; experiment, embodiment, impediment, predicament, accompaniment;

fundament, armament, ornament, tournament, filament, parliament, testament, temperament; disarmament;

payment, argument, document, instrument, monument; endowment, enjoyment, employment; unemployment;

punishment, nourishment; refreshment, astonishment, establishment, accomplishment, embellishment;

judgment; abridgment, acknowledgment (BrE also: judgement, abridgement, acknowledgement);

fragment, segment, management; arrangement, derangement, encouragement, engagement, infringement.


blindness, brightness, coldness, darkness, toughness, harshness, stiffness, thickness, highness, illness, sickness;

kindness, goodness, hardness, madness, sadness, shrewdness, dullness, neatness, fitness, witness, smartness;

harness, cleverness, tenderness, eagerness, bitterness, nothingness, wilderness, willingness; unwillingness;

gentleness, idleness, likeness, rudeness, muteness, whiteness; politeness, acuteness, completeness;

closeness, tenseness, looseness, niceness, fierceness, handsomeness, strangeness, vagueness, soreness, sureness; awareness;

forgiveness, attractiveness, effectiveness, protectiveness, suggestiveness, competitiveness;

defensiveness, exclusiveness, responsiveness, impulsiveness, persuasiveness, aggressiveness, possessiveness;

happiness, business, laziness, coziness, dizziness, giddiness, readiness, hardiness, heaviness, emptiness, friendliness, liveliness, loneliness, cleanliness, weariness, worthiness;

cleanness, meanness, openness, stubbornness, drunkenness, childishness, foolishness, lavishness, selfishness;

carelessness, helplessness, homelessness, hopelessness, restlessness, uselessness, weightlessness;

faithfulness, hopefulness, meaningfulness, skillfulness, thankfulness, usefulness; forgetfulness, resourcefulness;

consciousness, obviousness, seriousness; enormousness; nakedness, tiredness, wickedness; indebtedness.


friendship, hardship, worship, courtship, leadership, dealership, membership, scholarship; relationship;

ownership, partnership, citizenship, statesmanship, championship; companionship, dictatorship;

kinship, township, authorship, censorship, chairmanship, fellowship, penmanship, partisanship.


breadth, depth, filth, growth, health, length, month, stealth, strength, truth, warmth, wealth, width.


altitude, aptitude, attitude, gratitude, platitude, latitude, longitude, magnitude, multitude;

certitude, fortitude, servitude, solitude; solicitude, infinitude.


measure, treasure, leisure, seizure, pleasure, closure, censure, fissure, pressure; displeasure, disclosure, exposure, composure;

culture, creature, feature, mixture, future, gesture, lecture, nature, picture, posture, structure, venture, vulture;

capture, denture, fixture, fracture, moisture, pasture, puncture, rapture, rupture, stature, scripture, suture, texture, tincture, vesture;

furniture, literature, miniature, signature, temperature, aperture, caricature, curvature, ligature, acupuncture;

adventure, departure, conjecture, expenditure; legislature, manufacture.

Nouns with the suffixes ANCE, ENCE, ANCY, ENCY


acceptance, assistance, resistance, admittance, remittance, reluctance, importance, inheritance;

distance, instance, substance, guidance, circumstance; abundance, accordance, attendance, acquaintance;

grievance, relevance, arrogance, elegance; extravagance, connivance, significance; advance;

clearance, ignorance, furtherance, severance, tolerance, utterance; appearance, assurance, insurance;

performance, endurance, exuberance, protuberance, deliverance; perseverance; romance;

entrance, fragrance, hindrance, nuisance, nuance; remembrance, Renaissance, reconnaissance;

penance, provenance, resonance, ordinance, ordnance, countenance, maintenance, sustenance; finance;

balance, parlance, semblance, ambulance, nonchalance, petulance, vigilance, brilliance; resemblance, surveillance;

radiance, vengeance; alliance, appliance, compliance, defiance, reliance, allowance, annoyance, allegiance, luxuriance.


sentence, competence; pretence, existence, insistence, persistence, subsistence, incompetence; coexistence;

diligence, negligence; convergence, divergence, emergence, indulgence, intelligence;

silence, valence, violence, virulence, insolence, prevalence, excellence, pestilence, opulence, turbulence; condolence, equivalence, benevolence;

absence, essence, innocence, reticence, licence; defence, offence (AmE license, defense, offense), magnificence;

adolescence, convalescence, obsolescence, effervescence, fluorescence, iridescence, luminescence, acquiescence, reminiscence, putrescence;

presence, prominence, eminence, imminence, continence, abstinence, vehemence; impertinence;

conference, preference, reference, reverence, deference, difference, inference, sequence, consequence, eloquence;

occurrence, recurrence, deterrence, abhorrence, adherence, coherence, circumference; interference;

prudence, confidence, decadence, evidence, impudence, providence, residence; coincidence, dependence; independence, correspondence;

science, patience, conscience, influence, affluence, audience, ambience, lenience; experience, convenience, obedience; disobedience.

Note: homo sapiens.


vacancy, constancy, pregnancy, poignancy, occupancy, militancy; discrepancy, expectancy, redundancy, inhabitancy.


agency, urgency, tendency, clemency, currency, decency, regency, frequency, fluency, presidency, residency;

emergency, consistency, contingency, delinquency, complacency, transparency, efficiency, deficiency, proficiency, sufficiency, expediency, constituency.

Nouns with the suffixes ANT, ENT


peasant, pheasant, sergeant, servant; assistant, attendant, lieutenant, consultant, accountant, contestant;

tenant, tyrant, migrant, vagrant, emigrant, immigrant, applicant, occupant; defendant, descendant, inhabitant, participant;

instant, pendant, remnant, warrant, hydrant, radiant, variant, colorant, covenant, restaurant, stimulant.


agent, regent, parent, president, resident, student; adherent, opponent, respondent, correspondent, superintendent;

present, moment, patent, talent, tangent, torrent, current, solvent, accent, crescent, content, continent;

event, extent, assent, consent, dissent, ascent, descent, percent; antecedent;

accident, incident, precedent; component, deterrent, detergent, contingent, equivalent;

client, gradient, quotient, patient; recipient, ingredient, constituent, coefficient.

Nouns with the suffixes ARY, ERY (RY), ORY


secretary, dignitary, military, notary, votary, lapidary, dromedary, emissary, adversary, antiquary, functionary, mercenary, missionary, visionary; canary, apothecary, contemporary; revolutionary;

diary, primary, summary, salary, burglary, glossary, rosary, vagary, boundary, dictionary, centenary, formulary, commentary, tributary, estuary, statuary; obituary, vocabulary, itinerary; anniversary, documentary;

apiary, aviary, granary, library, ovary, formicary, February, January, mortuary, sanctuary; auxiliary, subsidiary, constabulary; penitentiary.


archery, fishery, bravery, slavery, flattery, lottery, robbery, snobbery, forgery, trickery, witchery, quackery, gunnery, millinery; artillery, adultery, effrontery; dairy, fairy;

bakery, battery, pottery, cutlery, eatery, greenery, grocery, nursery, nunnery, finery, vinery, winery, scenery, stationery, monastery, cemetery; machinery, refinery, confectionery;

pantry, sentry, ancestry, artistry, chemistry, dentistry, registry, masonry, weaponry, heraldry, husbandry;

jewelry (BrE jewellery), cavalry, infantry, rivalry, bigotry, banditry, peasantry, pleasantry, poetry, tapestry.


memory, allegory, oratory, dormitory, lavatory, purgatory, repertory, signatory, territory; laboratory;

directory, trajectory, inventory, accessory, reformatory, repository, conservatory; valedictory.

Nouns with the suffixes ER, OR, AR, EER (IER), EE, ESS


worker, lawyer, founder, officer, barrister, manager, minister, programmer, jeweler, advertiser; adviser, reviser, commander, employer, astronomer, commissioner; manufacturer;

baker, butcher, driver, farmer, miner, plumber, porter, carrier, courier, carpenter, messenger, passenger; dispatcher, repairer;

dancer, drummer, painter, reader, singer, speaker, teacher, trainer, viewer, writer, publisher; designer, explorer, researcher, interpreter, geographer, photographer; entertainer;

buyer, eater, hunter, robber, killer, gangster, murderer, prisoner, customer, retailer; consumer, provider;

dreamer, leader, partner, player, skier, prankster, arbiter, sorcerer; defender, deserter, examiner, observer;

father, mother, sister, brother, daughter, dweller, villager, foreigner, northerner, southerner, easterner, westerner;

burner, cooker, cooler, filter, flicker, trigger, matter, murder, browser, drier, dryer, pacifier, purifier, cylinder; propeller, remainder, reminder;

center, theater, heater, quarter, sweater, slaughter, laughter, luster, monster, harvester; computer, maneuver (BrE centre, theatre, lustre, manoeuvre, etc.).


sailor, tailor, janitor, operator, aviator, navigator; contractor, director, inspector, inventor, investor, investigator, distributor;

actor, doctor, donor, mentor, tutor, tenor, sculptor, editor, prosecutor, commentator; dictator, translator, conductor, instructor;

juror, lessor, major, mayor, minor, sponsor, chancellor, councillor, counselor, conqueror, creditor, emperor, governor, senator, legislator, supervisor; advisor, professor, solicitor, ambassador;

ancestor, bachelor, neighbor, orator, traitor, visitor, warrior, alligator; aggressor, oppressor, spectator, creator, survivor, manipulator;

anchor, error, horror, liquor, mirror, motor, rotor, terror, parlor, monitor, elevator, escalator, indicator; equator, protector, refrigerator;

color, favor, glamour, honor, humor, labor, odor, rumor, tumor, valor, vigor; endeavor, behavior (BrE colour, favour, honour, humour, behaviour, etc.).

Note: councillor = member of a council; counselor (BrE counsellor) = adviser.

Note: carnivore, herbivore, omnivore; grandeur, chauffeur, amateur, liqueur, connoisseur, entrepreneur, restaurateur.


beggar, burglar, liar, scholar, vicar, cougar, dollar, calendar, circular, seminar, vinegar, caterpillar; registrar;

altar, cellar, collar, cedar, sugar, hangar, mortar, nectar, molar, pillar, grammar, caviar; cigar, guitar.


career, veneer, auctioneer, engineer, gazetteer, mountaineer, mutineer, overseer, pamphleteer, pioneer, profiteer, puppeteer, racketeer, volunteer;

soldier, terrier, barrier, glacier, rapier; cashier, premier, frontier, bombardier, brigadier, cavalier, grenadier, halberdier, chandelier; financier.

Note: sommelier.


absentee, addressee, devotee, divorcee, employee, fiancee, lessee, licensee, payee, refugee, trainee, trustee;

apogee, coffee, levee; committee; jubilee, decree, degree, guarantee, repartee.


actress, goddess, governess, hostess, mistress, poetess, seamstress, sorceress, stewardess, waitress;

baroness, countess, duchess, princess, empress, heiress, lioness, tigress; enchantress.

Nouns with the suffix ION (TION, ITION, ATION, SION)

ION: [yən] (million); [ən] (region); [iən] (champion). TION: [shən] (revolution).

ATION: [‘eishən] (information). ITION: [‘ishən] (composition).

SION: [zhən] (vision); [shən] (tension); [zhən] or [shən] (version). SSION: [shən] (mission).

CION: [shən] (suspicion). XION: [kshən] (complexion).


million, billion, trillion, union; battalion, medallion, rebellion, pavilion, opinion, dominion, communion;

cushion, fashion, champion, scorpion, carrion, legion, region; religion, criterion, oblivion, accordion;

caution, lotion, motion, notion, potion, nation, ration, station, portion; proportion, abortion, coercion;

completion, deletion, creation, equation, discretion, devotion, emotion, promotion, concoction;

action, auction, faction, fraction, traction; attraction, contraction, subtraction, distraction, extraction, reaction; interaction, counteraction;

satisfaction, liquefaction, putrefaction, rarefaction, stupefaction;

function, junction, sanction, suction; production, reduction, deduction, induction, conduction, abduction, construction, destruction, instruction, obstruction; introduction, reproduction;

section; selection, election, collection, connection, correction, direction, protection, affection, infection, perfection, reflection, deflection, inspection, objection, rejection, projection, complexion;

diction, fiction, friction; prediction, addiction, conviction, eviction, depiction, affliction, restriction, distinction, extinction; contradiction, jurisdiction, crucifixion;

mention; attention, detention, intention, indention, retention, convention, prevention, invention; intervention;

question; combustion, exhaustion, suggestion, digestion; indigestion;

solution, pollution; evolution, revolution, resolution, elocution, execution, prosecution; electrocution;

constitution, institution, prostitution, restitution, substitution, contribution, distribution, retribution;

caption, option; adoption, absorption, deception, exception, perception, reception, conception; contraception;

assumption, consumption, redemption, exemption, presumption, corruption, eruption; interruption;

description, inscription, prescription, subscription, transcription, encryption;


addition, ambition, audition, condition, edition, rendition, tradition; erudition, expedition, extradition;

ignition; recognition, precognition, definition, admonition, premonition, ammunition, exhibition, prohibition;

position, transition; composition, deposition, disposition, opposition, proposition, supposition, acquisition, inquisition, requisition; decomposition;

petition, partition, contrition, nutrition; malnutrition, apparition, competition, repetition, superstition;

volition, suspicion, tuition; intuition, demolition, abolition, coalition;


formation; information, reformation, transformation, confirmation, defamation, animation, automation, estimation, consummation;

sensation, cessation, pulsation, causation; conversation, condensation, compensation, indexation, annexation, accusation, improvisation;

negation; delegation, allegation, congregation, segregation, instigation, litigation, mitigation, navigation, obligation, prolongation; interrogation, investigation;

salvation, starvation; activation, captivation, motivation, deprivation, derivation, elevation, observation, conservation, preservation, reservation, aggravation, renovation;

relation, inflation, deflation, translation; violation, revelation, consolation, desolation, isolation, escalation, inhalation, exhalation, jubilation, mutilation, ventilation, compilation, contemplation;

population, regulation, insulation, calculation, circulation, speculation, stipulation; articulation, accumulation, manipulation, congratulation, capitulation, configuration, inauguration;

installation, cancellation, constellation, distillation, instillation, fibrillation; collation; percolation; annihilation;

location, vacation, vocation; provocation, revocation, evocation, allocation, relocation, deprecation, education, publication, application, complication, implication, duplication, replication, multiplication; communication;

indication, dedication, medication, syndication, abdication, fabrication; eradication, sophistication, prognostication;

classification, clarification, justification, notification, certification, modification, qualification, simplification, specification, verification;

purification, falsification, fortification, nullification; identification, intensification, personification;

constipation, occupation; preoccupation, anticipation, participation, emancipation, intoxication;

centralization, civilization, realization, normalization, nationalization, rationalization; monopolization;

organization, modernization, mechanization, humanization, synchronization, standardization, authorization, characterization; acclimatization;

Note BrE: IZE, ISE – ZATION, SATION (to organize, to organise – organization, organisation).

duration; decoration, declaration, restoration, saturation, federation, generation, liberation, coloration; deliberation, discoloration, consideration;

acceleration, commemoration, collaboration, elaboration, enumeration, exaggeration, exhilaration, obliteration;

narration; operation, preparation, reparation, separation, aberration, approbation; cooperation;

aspiration, expiration, inspiration, perspiration, respiration, desperation; exasperation;

vibration, migration; celebration, calibration, emigration, immigration, integration, dehydration;

filtration, frustration; demonstration, registration, illustration, penetration, concentration; administration;

donation, carnation; combination, destination, inclination, alienation, assignation, resignation, designation, vaccination, fascination, explanation, condemnation;

domination, nomination, pagination; denomination, imagination, origination, coordination, examination, elimination, illumination;

termination; determination, extermination, discrimination, incrimination, contamination, procrastination, assassination;

notation, rotation, quotation; annotation, connotation, denotation, meditation, hesitation, imitation, invitation, irritation, limitation;

flirtation; deportation, transportation, habitation, gravitation, vegetation, infestation, manifestation; interpretation;

consultation, confrontation, indentation, presentation, documentation, argumentation, implementation, orientation;

dictation, temptation, mutation; salutation, reputation, computation, permutation, amputation, expectation, affectation;

foundation, degradation, liquidation, trepidation, validation, recommendation; accommodation, intimidation, consolidation;

radiation, variation, aviation, deviation; abbreviation, alleviation, humiliation, affiliation, retaliation;

negotiation, initiation, appropriation, expropriation, substantiation; differentiation, reconciliation;

association, appreciation, depreciation, emaciation, enunciation, pronunciation;

graduation, situation, punctuation; accentuation, continuation, insinuation, evaluation;


vision, lesion; revision, division, provision, collision, derision, decision, incision, precision, excision, adhesion, cohesion;

fusion; confusion, conclusion, delusion, illusion, allusion, inclusion, intrusion, preclusion, explosion, erosion, corrosion, occasion, invasion, evasion;

version; aversion, conversion, diversion, excursion, immersion, incursion, inversion, perversion;

pension, tension, torsion, mansion; expansion, dimension, extension, pretension, suspension;

compulsion, expulsion, propulsion, convulsion, revulsion, emulsion; apprehension, comprehension;

fission, mission; admission, commission, permission, remission, submission, transmission, emission;

passion; compassion, concussion, discussion, percussion, confession, profession;

depression, expression, impression, oppression, compression, suppression, aggression, digression, progression, regression;

session, cession; obsession, concession, procession, recession, secession, succession, possession.

Nouns with the suffix TY (ITY)

plenty, bounty, safety, nicety, deity, surety, liberty, poverty, property, puberty, honesty, majesty, certainty;

faculty, cruelty, loyalty, royalty, novelty, penalty, specialty (BrE speciality), admiralty, difficulty, casualty;

cavity, gravity, brevity, levity; activity, captivity, declivity, festivity, passivity, proclivity, depravity, longevity; productivity, conductivity, creativity, receptivity, sensitivity;

oddity, crudity, nudity; avidity, commodity, absurdity, heredity, humidity, lucidity, rapidity, stupidity, solidity, validity;

unity, dignity, trinity; community, immunity, impunity, infinity, divinity, vicinity, antiquity; opportunity;

sanity, vanity; humanity, profanity, eternity, fraternity, maternity, paternity, obscenity, solemnity;

enmity; enormity, calamity, deformity, conformity, extremity, infirmity, proximity; uniformity, anonymity, equanimity, magnanimity, unanimity;

scarcity; capacity, audacity, opacity, sagacity, vivacity, ferocity, atrocity, velocity; complexity, perplexity;

publicity, duplicity, complicity, felicity, simplicity, ethnicity; electricity, eccentricity, multiplicity, authenticity;

density, falsity, varsity; necessity, intensity, immensity, obesity, diversity, adversity, perversity; university;

monstrosity, pomposity; animosity, curiosity, generosity, grandiosity, virtuosity;

charity, clarity, parity, rarity; barbarity, vulgarity; popularity, regularity, similarity, solidarity; familiarity, peculiarity;

purity; impurity, security, obscurity, authority, majority, minority, sorority, asperity, posterity, severity, sincerity;

priority, seniority, inferiority, superiority; celebrity, integrity, alacrity; mediocrity, incredulity;

quantity, entity, sanctity, chastity, quality; equality, frivolity, fidelity, identity;

reality, banality, brutality, fatality, finality, formality, locality, mentality, morality, mortality, normality, neutrality, totality, vitality;

nationality, rationality, functionality, personality, hospitality, technicality; municipality, originality; confidentiality, individuality;

agility, civility, debility, docility, facility, humility, nobility, senility, fragility, sterility, fertility, futility, hostility, utility, virility; volatility, imbecility;

ability, stability; inability, capability, probability, readability, durability, liability; memorability, profitability, vulnerability; availability, acceptability, reliability, desirability, inevitability;

credibility, possibility, sensibility, flexibility, visibility, legibility; eligibility, responsibility, defensibility, accessibility, invincibility, compatibility, susceptibility; incorrigibility; incomprehensibility;

acuity, annuity, ambiguity, continuity, promiscuity; society, variety, piety, anxiety, sobriety, propriety, notoriety, entirety.

Nouns with the suffix Y

history, botany, carpentry, industry, anarchy, monarchy, tyranny; economy, astronomy, autonomy;

biology, ecology, geology, mythology, pathology, anthology, technology; sociology, terminology;

philosophy, psychiatry, psychology, chronology, chronometry, geometry; archaeology, genealogy;

biography, geography, photography, pornography, stenography, typography; bibliography, choreography;

apology, analogy, anatomy, anomaly, antipathy, miscellany, assembly, monotony, monogamy, polygamy;

duty, party, treaty, deputy, melody, malady, custody, remedy, comedy, tragedy, jeopardy, subsidy, modesty, dynasty, amnesty, travesty, guaranty, warranty;

mercy, orgy, clergy, energy, synergy, allergy, strategy, prodigy, policy, embassy, apathy, sympathy, therapy;

ivy, envy, levy, fury, jury, entry, country, ministry, symmetry, ivory; delivery, discovery, inquiry, upholstery;

artery, gallery, celery, century, factory, category, surgery, sorcery, theory, victory, injury, luxury, misery, mystery;

destiny, mutiny, scrutiny, irony, agony, colony, balcony, gluttony, company, enemy, bigamy, infamy, alchemy, harmony, symphony, alimony, ceremony, parsimony.

Note: alley, chimney, galley, honey, hockey, journey, kidney, money, monkey, parley, parsley, pulley, survey, trolley, valley, volley; attorney.

Note: calorie, cookie, rookie, genie; lingerie, menagerie; bourgeoisie.


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