Children at play 2.0 | Nikos Michalakis | TEDxAcademy

Since the first minute of my talk will be Greek to most of you, here is the translation:

“When I was a child my whole world was our backyard where we played games of tag, soccer and ended up with scratched knees. And I would hear the story of The Tortoise and the Hare and The Three Little Pigs. Through stories and games is how I learned the virtues of patience and how to make friends and collaborate with them.”

“But for my child the world is completely different. With the push of a button he can talk to his grandmother over video from the other side of the world and watch movies not in three but in four dimensions. And technology will continue to rapidly change his world day by day.

And yet, our kids today are not ready to understand what technology means.

It’s time for new and more advanced stories and new and advanced games.”

I hope you enjoy it.


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